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W E B   S I T E   A D D - O N   I T E M S
You can add anything you need to a basic web site design. Here are a few options with pricing information. Need something else?...Call or E-Mail.
8 Ball Online Forms [example]: Gather valuable information about potential customers before you contact them. Also a good indicator of site traffic. Price may vary depending on the length of the form. $300/form page.
8 Ball Online Coupons [example]: Valuable for evaluating web site traffic, coupons also keep customers checking back and encourage referrals. $225/coupon page.
8 Ball Blog Feeds [example]: If you already have a Blog or want to start one to add fresh content to your web site, we can help you with the setup and add the feeds to your web site. Note: not all Blog services allow feeds, but we work with many that do. $150 to add a Blog feed, $600 to setup and customize a Blog and add the feed.
8 Ball Premium Search Engine Optimization: Moving up in search engine rankings and staying there is a struggle. Our Premium plan begins with a report of where you are now with your most important keywords. We then make changes to your site pages (often adding pages) and submit the new pages to the engines. After two months we re-poll the keywords, make additional changes, and re-submit the site. $750**.
8 Ball Search Engine Sponsored Links: Using Google's AdWords and/or Yahoo's Sponsored Search program is another way to make your site more visible. We can help you setup, configure and manage your accounts. $450**.
8 Ball PayPal-Based E-Commerce [example]: Sell items through your web site without having a Merchant Bank account. You just need a PayPal Business account, and your customers just need a credit card. An economic way to begin selling online. $25/item to add the links to your product pages.
8 Ball ShopSite-Based E-Commerce [example]: ShopSite is a full-featured shopping cart, inventory and processing system. You will need a Merchant Bank account for this system. Additional hosting fees apply*. $2400** to configure the system and $25/item to add the links to your product pages and the products into the database.
8 Ball Database Development: Using FileMaker Pro, we can meet just about any front end or back office requirements you have. Whether for login and user tracking, inventory management or secure information processing, we can build what you need. Additional hosting fees apply*. $1500 and up** for custom database programming.
8 Ball Audio Clips [example]: Typically a 30 second sound clip used for selling CDs. We can edit and convert audio files into MP3, AIFF, WAV, MOV, AVI & more. $75/audio clip.
8 Ball Video Clips [example]: We've mostly added TV commercials to client web sites. We can edit and convert video files in Windows Media Player or QuickTime formats. $225*/video clip.
8 Ball Banner Ads: Standard 468x60, 125x125, 234x60 or custom sized banners that match the look of your site (or look completely different). $150/banner.
8 Ball Content Writing: Having trouble putting your web site ideas into words? We have access to a number of professional writers to either "clean up" your content or interview you and write the content for you. $250 copyediting, $750** for interview/content development.

* 8thPlanet.com does not host ShopSite E-Commerce or Database-Driven web sites. We will work with you to obtain a hosting plan with a third-party vendor.
** This is an average price. An exact price will be provided before any work begins based on complete job specifications.